Chad Milburn, Founder / Owner

I have sold everything from a $10 car wash to a $10,000 wardrobe. My entire professional career has revolved around offering my clients with the highest level of service and value.  These aspects are crucial but providing my clients with a sense of confidence in every setting they encounter has become the sole mission of C3 Custom Clothing.

Whether it is time, selection, quality or service, shopping at stores has become cumbersome and frustrating for most professionals. My goal is to eliminate all of these issues. I work around your schedule and come to your office or home in order to offer the most positive experience possible.

How It Works


At the first meeting, I will start developing a plan based upon your current wardrobe and your personal tastes and preferences.

Fabric Choice

Excellent relationships with several fabric mills = Endless options for fabrics which include colors, designs and compositions.


This is some of the most fun of the process.  Together, we pick out the wide array of options that are available in order to make the finished product specific to your likings.  This includes buttons, stitching, linings as well as many other choices.


I will take over 20 measurements in order to give you the most exceptional fit.


This is the manufacturing portion of the process.  My highly skilled master tailors will spend the next few weeks cutting and sewing your selection.  This process usually takes place in 4-8 weeks.

Fit & Delivery

Upon receiving your clothing, I will schedule what could be the final appointment.  Here I will fit the newly made item to you and either deliver the finished product or take care of any minor alterations that may be needed.